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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 28, 2024 1:00am-2:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> laura: good evening, a everyone, i am laura increment. is a "the ingraham angle" from watching tonight and as always ththank you for being with us tonight. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." do you ever wonder how things got so crazy? how is it that a sitting u.s. president presides over the invasion of america by several million illegals and let them off the hook. only now starting to pay attention after democrat runcent cities were overrun and innocen americans murdered like lincoln riley. >> campus is really happy right now. we are all heartbroken.s it is soto obvious to me why it feels so dark right now and that is because we lost one of the greatest there has ever been. this came in our sisterhood and it will not be the same without lincoln riley. >> laura: total heartbreak. when the issue is t not to holde
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biden accountable but to criticize republicans. this horrific at the. university of georgia, to protee american people and as if notow horrifying enough and not deep t coenough by now and all compou by the revelation the suspect il this country unlawfully and how quickly that fact became politicized. >> laura: when they are not tackling for biden on the border, the open border ise ec actually a positive thing. this absurd "washington post" the economney is roaring because of immigration. this is insane. r trwe know real wages rose f significantly under trump mostly fell under biden. as the facts show indisputably, this growth they are talkingit about is not going to american workers at all but immigrants and the rich people who have to pay lower wages.
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it explains rich people giving so much money to biden and explains why biden is keepingg the border open and explains working-class americans are loyal to trump. but rather than actually analyzing these issues in an honest way, the post with propaganda. the open borders cato institute as if that were unbiased. here is the fact, when the economy is doing great,01 americans will see increase in medium income like they did 201r under trump. by the way, another reason americans are disillusioned, the post covid job growth has gone to nonnative american. the general household surveympar used by the u.s. census bureau and they found during the fourth quarter 2019 to the fourth quarter 2023, it shows 2.7 million more people were working in the united states. 2.9 million more immigrants,
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legal and illegal and 183,000 fewer u.s.-born americans working. now since the depths of the covid recession and employment, that has increased but u.s.-born workers has not made it back to the 2 20 pre-covid level.d fe no wonder they have bidenomics. lower wages and fewer jobs. >> imagine if democrats have their way and all of these migrants can vote. [speaking non-english language] >> laura: [speaking non-english language] and if you think this is a
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cherry-picked sampling. >> [speaking non-english language] >> donald trump or joe biden? >> joe biden. >> joe biden. >> and trump or joe biden? >> joe biden. trump or joe biden? >> joe biden.e >> trump or joe biden? >> joe biden. >>is we are asking joe biden to help us accomplish our dreams here so we can get ahead. >> laura: will come of course because for biden, it is always illegals first and native americans --ta >> they are doled out by taxpayer-funded ngos not government foundation. r remember, you pay for them here at our own duffy traveled tohing tucson, arizona, to learn more. >> what yod u are seeing is all signage is removed.
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that is the first thing you know that this is ngo nongovernmental organization, housing illegal immigrants. >> can you guys get off of the property please? >> is this not a hotel? >> can you please exit the property. >> w there is no sign outside. >> is this where illegals areal being housed with government funding?>> >> i am going to call the police. >> please call them curative bu. i need to know what it is. [speakinswerg non-english langu] this is ngo paid for by government monday. >> wain e will not answer any questions. >> can you explain what yo: nou here? >> laura: americans pay forpens the shelters, but we are not allowed to know what happens inside. byt thos the way, why aren't thn anchors with perpetually
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furlough browse demanding answers? they know that when they do they will uncover facts that show how damaging an open border really is. new york city, for example, a migrant relocation program received $25 million but only settled 174,000 households, that's per family. how many u.s. veterans get that kind of help finding a home? no wonder americans are finally understanding that trump wasty s right, now a majority say we need a border wall.a years, four years with trumphave measly $85 million for the border in the wall and it would have paihat,d for itself with 2h now. and super tuesday just days away, look at the polling ons illegal immigration, 61% now sating it is a very serious
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issue. 23% say somewhat serious 84% of america, somewhat serious or serious problem.s in the border is biden political liability and we seeth this polt after poll. this is the only reason why he is traveling there this week. in years past and we did what they call a drive he did a drive through in 2008at and it stuck with him the fact that in el paso the border goes right through the center of t town. >> laura: that is so embarrassing. to explain jus t how things have gotten so upside down on the border or why this is a debateal at all, think back to bill no, nouet about that issue, this issue.mocrss compare how much bidenue and the views on this issue have moved to the left. >> all americans, not only in ly the states most heavily affectem by it every place in this
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country rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens igraentering our country. we are a nation of immigrants but also a nation of laws. it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to prevent the kind of abuse of immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop >> laura: and that was just a. tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the numbers we have now. but heck, biden now insisting that they not be cold illegal aliens in the longer. it is too dehumanizing he said. so the demons suspected of killing kelly reilly an undocumented person or democrat. it is disgusting. mye de friends, here is the upsy the democrats are utterly dependent on the money theyh do raise from rich donors who want unlimited immigration and cheap labor. and they think more illegals b
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will mean more votes for them. and of course, native-born americans are overwhelmingly racist and evil and democrats don't care how many of those people have to suffer because oa the open given all of these facts,p democrats will keep the border open as long as possible. the only way to stop them is to beat them. and that is "the angle."fy joining us rachel campos-duffy host of "fox & friends."scin what else did you learn during your interview that was so fascinating? >> thank you so much, laura, i think i learned most is aboutf the ngos. you mention we are paying forece all of the spirit of what you are seeing is a secret hotel. it took me about 10 minutes in tucson to find it here they are hiding under our noses. but we pay for it but nobody voted for this which is why they operate in secrecy. what i learned is we have to
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stop looking at ngos as if they are some sort of charity becaus.e they have that name. ngo, catholic relief services,sa lutheran services, so it sounds like they are some sort of christian charity that passes out blanket and water bottles. s buhat indeed, they are really le a shadow bureaucracy. a shadow party, a shadow government or the democratic party. and they can do things extra constitutionally and under wha secrecy that official agencies iscan't do like hhs. what they do is far melt, they have different piles of money and some money comes from hhs. some are even fema accounts or fema money from refugee resettling. so, it makes it harder to track where it is coming from. but that is all the stuff that is funding these ngos. they operate in secrecy. they don't have to answer to
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anything. >> laura: no. >> the first second i walked in, panic ensued. you know if you are doing something on the u.p and up, you want to show what you are doing instead, these places operate like cia -- >> laura: they are all speed [boos] >> no label on the building.r >> laura: i want to play that. we have that video. here is your camera man who had an issue with security. watch. >> what are you going to do about it? >> [bleep] >> move, move! >> laura: they don't treat the illegals that way. they tell them not to move but come. it is ironic that you guys are pushedf th out of the way, but o happened after that? >> not only did they attack our cameraman them up within some black person with a mask on came
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from the building and started pelting our car and congressman bigs' car with rocks. >> laura: what? >>le we knew it was a congressmn and let them know. d so this is the type of impunity that they operate under and i don't think they will get away with it since they were honest and part of a government agency that our congressmen could have oversight over. congressman biggs was with useya and not allowed to go inside rea that place where they are keeping the immigrants. a really strange operation. i have to tell you, laura, i'm concerned the cartel are veryd powerful and have networks deep not just at the border but deep inside of our country.have they may have also infiltratedyf these ngos. we have no idea because we have no way to provide oversight but you can beca sure the cartels depend on the ngos here arede
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their entire pipeline of humanno trafficking and nobody crosses the border without that. nobody crosses without paying them cash or with their bodies. so, i'm concerned they may have infiltrated these organizations as well. rel >> laura: the catholic relief services, the lutheran relief a services, and other ngos get a huge pot of money. i believe the catholic charity l received over $100 million. this was three years lordws knows how much they are getting now.t this is a lot of money.nd o these organizations depend onan this money, too. this is a moneymaking endeavor. it is a moneymaking endeavor fo, a charity. but the fact that they attacked you like that and didn't wanthi you there, that speaks volumes. this is the first time this happened. rachel f, incredible reporting. now forgetful about fani.
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nathan wades divorce lawyer sounded like joe biden talking to the special counsel. he couldn't seem to rememberrkin anything. joe biden goes o n late night to impress voters isn't working. we have the numbers. stay there.
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>> laura: all right,ade' nathan wade's formelor divorce attorney was a star witness and take ars load off fani willis misconducte case, but it appears he may have developed a case of convenient amnesia today while ont fi th lu stand. fox correspondenrat matt finn wh all the details, >> today in court the former law partner of nathan wade, special prosecutor had ohmic -- pressed hard with that the relationship between willis and nathan wade began. rel w terrance bradley knows exactly when the relationship between fani willis and nathan wade c starteond and he allegedly stath in previous conversations withro one defense attorney that wadewi had a garage door opener to willis' home and willis and wade may have had sex in an office but hew testified he could not recall and does not know exactly
1:21 am
what year willis and wade began their romantic relationship.s ab trump lawyers called into question. iend do you tell lies about your friends? >> have i told lies about friends? i could have come i don't know. >> do you tell lies about friends with national importance? >> overruled. i could have come i don't know. speak with a date about when willis and wade began theirit relationship is critical as trump lawyer s say it began when i appointed wade as a specials prosecutor in trump's 2020 wgeorgia election interference case. in interesnanct and which willis received financial benefits from wade's pay. we are waiting to hear whether the judge will allow cell phonel data into evidence. wade was in atti least 35 times. that issue is scheduled to be addressed in court on friday,
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laura. >> laura: matt, thank you so much. >> sure. >> laura: this is something lot of fun have a with. you have co-opted -- you havedo koepp the dark brand. a do you enjoy playing around wite thope dark brand? >> i resent the hell out of it. [laughter] >> laura: oh, brother, fromut tiktok to late night, biden is pullinn g out all the stops to catch the youth votereme that hn away with in 2020. he led trump by 20 points backar then but gen z and millennialsde are having fire or is it biden aremorse? the gaza war raged on. >> do you plan on voting forth him? no, not anymore. >> hore is angry at the present over support for israel'ss invasion of gaza. >> he is allowing this war to k
1:23 am
happen and funding this war.w i don't know what will happen if i don't vote for him but it will not be me supporting that. >> laura: and new exes poll shows trump's leading biden by 4% among voters ages 18-34. joining me to discuss, the university personnel and black lives matter activists along with isabel brown and gen z creator and content writer. p isabel, there is a cnn college poll that narrows the numbers down gen z 18-29, 49% of those voters support trump in just 43% for biden. so why that shift? >> you know, laura, it isex trincredibly exciting to see another onlyropp pulling suggesg supreme export for president trump. another by the magazine 64% of the age group approves of donald trump's performance during his first term as
1:24 am
president. but it is really no secret politicss is downstream from culture and if we zoom out to what is happening culturally int america today, we see radical authoritarian left controlling every aspect what it means to be american, education,ry entertainment, news media, politics and everything inagai between. like every other generation before us,us we want to rebel against those in power. it just so happens to rebel and be countercultural ando be rebellious means to embrace traditional valueseing and be a conservative again just like what we are seeing with gen z pure and liberal arts degree -- basket weaving, entrepreneurial and deleting dating apps and putting on birtt seem like revolutionary acts on their face but we will see thein political downstream's of changing from the inside out. one at a time. >> laura: xavier, i asked former president trump about
1:25 am
biden's use of tiktok despite national security and watch. >> right now meeting with young voters by a lot, they want to see much more than tiktok, tiktok i was going to ban permanently. look, i'e m going to do what you want to do in this case.of they are pretty well taken care of. i don't think it will matter for him.r, i you >> laura: xavier if you can advise the trump campaign, how do you ensure this positive swing of young voters translaten november? >> i think we need to make sure we are keeping gen z aware when voting is in staying in front of t gen z is much as ultimately, this is not working out for joe biden because it is pandering is not working becausi ngthe results are not there. america under joe biden is becoming united states section 8 and gen z is tired up you weatel want to lead the change because we are sick of being cast
1:26 am
lighted and being told we need to support and belief in the social injustice issues rather f than focusing on the fact we can't afford houses and cost-of-living is completely unbearable for those o andf us a are single in our 20s. we asked for a president standing on business and we have a president standing on poverty. >> laura: isabel, it seems arg lot of times the rnc and s republican organizations, they put out super polished youngme people like you guys are, y obviously, but iout seems to me especially with younger voters and younger demographic, youco need influencers out there. biden goes to tiktok to connectn with them but not just on tiktok come all over the country and different professions. aren't those the people that need to be engaged to turn their people outn' to vote for trump? >> i couldn't agretrute more, lt at the truth is authenticity isv so startling missing withes political and media-based conversations surroundinge
1:27 am
elections, especially now ine ou this is a very productiveco conversation but unfortunately no when rh will watch this because we happen to consume most of our information from social media . tiktok is not our only favorite platform but it surpassed google the number one search engine for gen zers weather dinner reservation friday night or vacation or who to vote for for president of the united states.i we are not taking that into s were lookinger on tv but searching on tiktok. as frustrating as it may be to wrap your head around, i have to give kudos to the biden administration to go where culture is. >> laura: that is blema problemi hold on, isabel, xavier, really quickly, tiktok sucks up data from young people and everyone else and ultimately will exploit rumpthat data to national secury concerns. s president trump jumps into
1:28 am
tiktok. he is actually countering what he said repeatedly on the trail and while he was president. >> yes, i actually don't think it is worth it for president trump to get it on s tiktoko . but creators like isabel brown and i to get on tiktok to reach our audiences because it is less of a threat like her or i to go on tiktok. but for a presidential campaign to go onfa tiktok, that is not e worth it. the benefit gen z's online is the fact we have seen t continuously all of joe biden's lies being spilled out there. president trump is on this to ag fault at times butoo at least w. know his word is good. >> but we don't tick by we will see how all it goes. it is joe biden's claim and agenda partly responsible for a food shortage in theng united states. cal farmers are getting squeezed now and fed up. they are ready to fight back
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laura bush lawyer as the global elites diane on th >> laura: as the global elites die on the coats of regular l peeve, they stay up late atng a night worrying about cows >> cows and livestock or areouse responsible for the potent greenhouse gas spirit andt digesting high-fiber diet.t it is a byproduct making them su one of the lease climatee friendly sources of food on the planet. >> laura: theyn want fewethr cs and restrictions on the ones that are left. >> it is about 33% of all of the omissions in the world appear to be can't get net zero. unless agriculture is front and center., we have to be more militant may be. >> lauraor: mr. militant must be thrilled to see that according
1:35 am
to the usda. beef cattle inventory has hit its lowest level in decades. we are actually running low on cows. to put in perspective the last time inventory was a slow, outgoing claimant's art john kerry testifying beforew, w congress about ending the vietnam war. what does that all mean for you? some ranchers say a food crisis may be in our future. i'm joined by two of them now chad sullivan is a cattle rancher based in texas, colorado and fourth-generation andre national farmers association. let's start with you, i know yol are dealing with the previous drought but you add up the factors and the political pressures brought to bear here, how bad could this get for the american consumer of beef? >> well, you know, the farmers h are going out of business every day. what is happening is american
1:36 am
beef cattle producers are depleting their herd so not m havingul more cabs so they can multiply. we are producing 1 billion pounds less of american beef then we were last year this time. so, this is a crisis that is going to affect every american at the local grocery stores. but here is what is problematic for me. we help all of these other foreign countries, $100 billion to ukraine and help ukrainet farmers, but we need to help american farmers at we have farmers facingcl w foreclosure and usda will not a stop foreclosures for guaranteed loans and other agriculturalt on lenders. and that made my request on your network many times. 40,000 lack farmers in thisgu guess what, we are facing
1:37 am
extinction here of these e policies aren't helping cattleman like myself stay on the farm. s we have the highest input cost you have seen in decades. diesel fuel prices going through the roof. this is why farmers can't stay on the farm. : >> laura: thisjo is what theycost want. john, this is what they want. a high-energy cost, hurt americans, and chad, you are chomping at the bit here to use the phrase relevant horses and cows. but what is your take here howhp and why this is happening beyond the cyclical effects of weathere >> yeah, you bet. what john is talking about is a symptom of the overreaching g problem. the overreaching problem is globalism here in a global elites claiming that claimant change is running the world and we must implement sustainability, which is justwo production and consumption control across the world. we see it going on all over.
1:38 am
because of this, again, vertically integrated in ourbeef system. the beef cow industry is the last bastion of freedom. we have to take the bull by them horn so to speak and stop these global elites from implementing all of this, these regulations, thple staple regulations that ty claim cattle are ruining the planet. we have to stop that and make sure people understand that sustainability is nothing but communism, any-it's him except americanism here and it is coming from the top a nation whose laws fromnt thein bottom up and we need to be controlling that. john is right in everything he says but it is a symptom of whas is going on and we have to get on top of otherwise, we will see the americans eating bugs in the two next 20 years as we know that two of the major four beef have invested in bugs, tyson foods announcing two weeks ago theyo
1:39 am
will have a $500 billion plants for crickets. this problem is real but it is a liberty and freedom issue and that is where we have to focus on. we have to stop this. >> laura: john, real quickly, you saw what is going on and you have seen what is going on in the european farmerse in protesw in norway, germany. they want to take their land and put a lot of those farmers out of business. why, john, why? real quick. >> they are doing the same thine in this country because they sea the same thing right here in the united states. and you knowt , i looked at the climate bill and the money put out there, $3 billion and itanie went to pepsi-cola who has a contract. why are we funding pepsi-cola to fund black farmers with global outreach? i can promise you know, no one has contacted us.em
1:40 am
the resources to help farmers like us. so the money is goingai neeverywhere, they go to otherwt countries, ukraine, ukraine farmers, and nobody is saying anything about it.he what i'm saying today is thescus president hasn't came to th table to even discuss these issues. >> laura: we need a new president. has to happen because thistter is not gettinga better. >> whilere the grass is growing, the cows are starving and nobody understands what it i am saying. we need action and we need it now and we need leadership we need didn't help you or to put america's farmers first, not cou last. if we don't, we will be beggingt third world countries to send us food so we need to put farmers first in this country. >> laura: just like weviedic wet doing during covid for medicine. we want to be totally sustainable in the united united states. that is what they want, thank you. joe biden gets his election's mixed up and surge pricing
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>> i'm better now. >> laura: biden finally gave us inside, jimmy into the political agenda, watch.e in >> what is your 2024 agenda because i feel like we live in crazy times that that is one of the things i feel we hear listso about? >> the 2020 agenda is to finish the job. for example, we are now in a position with the strongest h economy of many nations in theaa world. >> laura: is there a laugh track that should have come in there, jimmy? the strongest economy.s it >> this explains why he is nothh campaigning. he think it is 2020 and the campaign is still going on.side you have to understand theowes historic significance of the interview. the president sits down with the lowest rated talk show host. that is a historical moment. but it was hard to watch and not feel like it is time for biden to step aside for someone younger like moses. >> laura: jimmy, the idea that
1:47 am
he can actually claim that wemyi have the strongest economy in the g7 committee must be looking at trump's numbers in 2019 whent it was actually the case. >> thank you. we are living in the golden agei of people selling pictures of rn their feet. that is never a good sign for the guy running the economy is all i am saying. >> laura: people are selling blood to get money from the blood bank. >> and to pass drug test, i know all about it. >> laura: you have sombi done te for years. jimmy, we have big news and i know this is huge for my kids.c in the food world, kfc is tryin. a new kind of combo, watch. >> you think kfc new pizza isn'w pizza because it's made with crispy fried chicken. you think the marinara,yo mozzarella, pepperoni is enough? well, you are right. it is not pizza. only kfc. >> what just happened?
1:48 am
>> laura: will you be indulging? >>t to be fair, this is the perfect meal for that momentma where you want chicken but you also want man boobs. >> laura: what? >> you will get so fat, it is disgusting.du they put a stone 15-year-old in front of their menu, dude, what if we put pizza on top of the l fried chicken. >> laura: but isn't itke like chicken parmesan?f it is chicken parmesan. >> if you've given up on life. you know, i love your staff but the dude does not abide this this is not good. >> laura: i don't like chicken on i don't likeea chicken on pizza and i don't like pineapple onn one thing on pizza, pepperonid other than the mozzarella. >> iesn' will give you that.r do pizza doesn't need to be
1:49 am
complicated, okay?ch even if it is kfc, they should u stick to what they do best which is diabetes. i love kfc. a we just didn't ask for this combo. >> laura: i think they aret worried about chick-fil-a. wendy's just announced that it is going to try price searching just like uber is. fox digital, a spokesperson sain a variety of enhanced featurestf on boards like dynamic pricing, different offerings certaind parts of the day. ai enabled menu changes suggested selling based on factors such as weather. - jimmy. >$20 million apparently. >> i love the ai driven menuey change which means you can't get a vanilla milk shake anymore. >> laura: that is verboten.w >> come on, wendy's. i don't want this annoying time schedule.
1:50 am
it is a bourbon, not a train. don't need surge pricing. b i can't get behind this. >> laura: it is like>> l congestion pricing in new york. lower manhattan. surge pricing.i >> thumbs and look at me, i get paid andn' french fries. wendy's, take my words.we >> laura: jimmy, great to see you. don't forget to catch jimmy when he takes his tour on the road starting this weekend in idaho, wow! in mr. biden headed for a big embarrassment tonight, michigan. the first polls closed minutes from now and our political panel is here to break it all down. that is next. hey, i just got a text from my sister. you remember rick, her neighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right?
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>> laura: the first polls are closing in michigan and donald trump set to win the g.o.p. primary. president biden will win hisichi primary but he is facing strong headwinds every direction and seems to have a realal commitment issue.
1:56 am
>> i did vote. >> i plan on voting uncommitted. >> w ae are just not happy with what is going on and not just like here but abroad as well. >> laura: joining me now chris bedford chris bedford, senior contributor at the senior fellow list and victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution. we are seeing a lot of division on the left and obviously there is division on the right as well, but how big of a problem is this going to be for the biden campaign as reality begins to set in as they get closer to the general? >> i think we are getting to a point of no return, laura, withe the corruption issue, thesu cognitive issue, and the unpopularity and disaster of his agenda and how this defection within the democratic party. it is more of a question if they try to remove but when and how and i don't think they have the answers to either one.thin it is the most remarkable b meltdown of presidents in modern era. imark
1:57 am
in probably the greatestn er political recovery of donald trump since richard nixon in 1992. donald trump they more they demonize and incarcerate him or use the law against him, the more popular he becomes. it is bizarre how things have flipped since 2021. it is remarkable. i think they are at a limit. they know what they have to do but they don't know how to do in or when to do it. t >> laura: msnbc is worried because biden's problem with uncommitten's d voters may portd to a much bigger problem in the general, watch. >> this is a problem all across the country that the presidenthe can get this thing calm down. if it doesn't calm down before the democratic convention commit is going to be a very ugly time. i have to tell benjamin all
1:58 am
10-year, what you will n the election because she will seek go to jail. >> laura: chris was hinting at a cease-fire coming. will that stem the exit polls for that what we are seeing tonight? >> i think it will probably take more than that. some of those actions like that might bring back the whitetion liberal voters we are seeing getting interviewed, some of the younger woke folks for whatever reason education to side with d hamas on this.en donald trump versus joe biden, w atas the end of the day might ce around but donald trump has made his torque inroads with democrat parties left behind much on the table. they need a lot of muslim voters who are not as fickle as some of the young college students,d et cetera, backing biden in the end. those voters in the interview, i think he might be losing that coalition. they have a different coalition
1:59 am
idea and it will take more thani cease-fire to bring them >> laura: fichter, new emerson college bowl has trump trumpingr biden. five in pennsylvania but he's winning this as well. victor, those are strong numbers, no doubt. but i've talked to top republicans who are remaining very worried about mail-in ballots and belief republicans may still after all of these years have a strategy to get their own mail-in ballot initiative going in states they don't control legislation. >> i'm very worried, too. if you look at every demographic, trump is doing much better than they did in 2016 and 2020 and maybe 18% of blacks and 42 or 43% of latinos. if you have the swing states that have gone from 35% mail-in
2:00 am
ballot to 70% and the rejection rate of mail-in ballots has fallen from 4% to 5% traditionally down 2.2% were .3e when flooded with them here they have a problem they have to win four or five points in the swine states to cancel out this advantage and mail-in ballot-int. but usually 7 million people fled th border and open. it t is not a choice but deliberate. i think it is coinciding with the available mail-in ballots. >> laura: they knew this was coming. if they don't have the lawyers and place and if they don't have the strategy in place for republicans, they have no one to blame but themselves. victor and chris, thank you. remember it is america now and forever. >> todd: a fox news alert, hunter biden facing a deposition


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